4th Annual Meeting Announcement

Announcement in AUTM Program Materials
Special Interest Group SIG-15 at AUTM 2007 in San Francisco
Technology Managers for Global Health
Founder & Facilitator: Usha R. Balakrishnan, CARTHA
TMGH 2007 Meeting Co-Chair: Sandra Shotwell, Alta Biomedical Group

TMGH (www.tmgh.org) was formed in 2003 and serves as a collegial resource and support network for technology transfer professionals interested in advancing global health causes.

The purpose of TMGH is two-fold:

  • To enhance academic research translation and technology transfer practices, professional development, and networking in a way that advances global health causes (e.g., inventions management, patent licensing practices, negotiation and partnering approaches, business development strategies); and
  • To gather and feature case studies and inspiring “human interest” stories around the work of professionals and scientists engaged in research translation and technology transfer -- all of whom are working in their own unique ways to promote global health causes.

TMGH has reached out to a number of diverse constituencies and organized numerous workshop sessions to raise awareness for academic technology transfer-related efforts and issues in the global health arena. With the help of many energetic volunteer professionals and partnering organizations, TMGH continues to undertake a series of exciting initiatives. TMGH activities are currently supported through CARTHA (www.cartha.org), a global nonprofit founded by TMGH founder Usha Balakrishnan.

TMGH annual meetings are held in conjunction with the AUTM annual conference. Each TMGH annual meeting has garnered over 40 attendees and enthusiastic responses. The 4th annual meeting will be held on Friday, March 9 at 3:30 pm during AUTM 2007 (San Francisco). In addition to reviewing recent accomplishments and planned activities for the upcoming year, this year’s meeting agenda features a guest speaker, Linda Harrar, an Emmy award-winning documentary producer, who will share her perspectives on the interactions of science, technology, society and global health.

The information provided on this site is still a work-in-progress and is undertaken mostly by TMGH volunteers. So, it is not meant to be comprehensive by any means. We realize that this informational resource will need to be added to, and updated frequently. We welcome suggestions for additional inclusions and edits.