In addition to our conference sessions and outreach presentations, we have offered academic technology transfer practice-driven viewpoints by producing/distributing booklets and/or publishing in relevant journals:

In May 2005, TMGH and MIHR produced a booklet titled "Global Health Partnerships and Academic Technology Transfer" (Adobe Acrobat PDF - 481KB). The original purpose of this booklet was to raise awareness of neglected diseases among university technology managers. Demand for the booklet far exceeded expectations—it has now been distributed to over 4,000 professionals.


In August 2006, TMGH and MIHR produced a sequel booklet titled "Academic Licensing to Global Health Product Development Partnerships." The purpose of this booklet is to go beyond raising awareness and provide real examples (case studies) of technology transfer at work in the context of global health.

In December 2006, our global health tech transfer survey article was published as the final topical article titled “Surveying the Need for Technology Management for Global Health Training Programs,” by Usha Balakrishnan, Lisa Troyer, and Edwin Brands in the Journal of the Association of University Technology Managers, Volume XVIII No. 2 2006 which was devoted to the theme of Patenting, Licensing, and Social Responsibility.

In December 2006, an article titled "Licensing to Promote Global Health Partnerships" by Tari Suprapto appeared in les Nouvelles, Journal of the Licensing Executives Society International, Volume XLI No. 4.  This article was based on a meeting report prepared by Tari who volunteered via TMGH as one of the co-organizers of a full-day Add-On session titled "Emerging Strategies and Structures in Global Health Partnerships" at the 2005 annual meeting of the Licensing Executives Society.

In August 2007, our survey article in the AUTM Journal was reprinted by Industry & Higher Education, Volume 21, Number 4, August 2007, pp. 279-286(8).

We include here a listing of useful resources (organizational websites and articles for those interested in topics at the intersection of academic technology transfer and global health. Since this is a dynamic field, we are always interested in keeping this listing up-to-date. So, please send us any suggestions for us to consider for such updates.