Technology Managers for Global Health (TMGH) serves as an educational forum to promote professional development and networking for technology transfer professionals interested in advancing global health causes.

TMGH was initially formed in 2003 as a Special Interest Group within the Association of University Technology Managers in partnership with MIHR. In 2006, to provide continued support to TMGH, its founder Usha Balakrishnan adopted TMGH as an ongoing program of CARTHA, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization she founded. The nature of thought leadership dialogues to enhance the prospects of global health-related academic-practitioner collaborations—by reaching into and across diverse constituencies in different regions of the world—has been greatly expanded through CARTHA's program portfolio.

As a CARTHA program, Technology Managers for Global Health meets at the AUTM annual meeting and serves as a share-and-learn forum to:

  1. Encourage licensing policies, partnering/negotiation strategies, and invention management practices that address humanitarian concerns (e.g., assuring fair access for new technologies that address treatments for neglected tropical diseases and other afflictions widely prevalent among the world's poorer populations);
  2. Feature individuals, programs, and case studies representing the evolving contexts within which we can gain new competencies, design academic innovation management frameworks, and leverage cross-sector networks for advancing global health causes in a complex and dynamic environment; and
  3. Improve understanding of the ongoing challenges and opportunities of being engaged in transnational and multi-sector initiatives aimed at promoting global health equity.

To support our efforts or to provide feedback, please contact Usha Balakrishnan.