Biosketch: Linda Harrar

Linda HarrarLinda Harrar
Guest Speaker Biosketch
Ms. Harrar specializes in creating international documentary projects on the interactions of science and technology, nature and society.  A staff producer on the PBS NOVA series for a dozen years, Ms. Harrar produced the first international documentary on the Antarctic ozone hole, a portrait of biologist and evolutionary theorist Stephen Jay Gould, a portrait of Native American physicians entitled "The Crisis in Indian Health," which won an Emmy nomination, and "Twins," which received the American Psychological Association's National Media prize.  She served as Executive Producer of "World in the Balance" and "Six Billion and Beyond," as Senior Producer of "Race to Save the Planet," and as Senior Content Director of the Emmy-award winning series "Rx for Survival - A Global Health Challenge."  In two decades of filmmaking, she has filmed in 35 nations on all 7 continents.

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